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Google Bookmarks: Adding Easier, Gunning for del.icio.us


Google recently added this "Add Bookmark" pop-up window, which makes bookmarking a site much easier. The window is launched by a bookmarklet that can be added to your browser links toolbar, so it's very quick and easy. Obviously the window bares a pretty close near identical resemblence in both form and function to del.icio.us's tag window.

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Gadget Laser Etching Service


The pictures of various laser cut gadgets that have recently surfaced are in a word, awesome. Someone should start a little company that will laser etch people’s stuff. The service could be similar to Colorware, a company which will paint your gadgets and also offers range of already painted stuff.

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Creative Tech Projects TV Show


Throughout art school I constantly saw students, armed will little more than an iBook, desktop printer and a can of spray adhesive, churn out incredible projects. There should really be a TV show that demonstrates creative projects that home users can do using a computer and other common gadgets. It would be a kind of techy version of Martha Stewart Living, or Good Eats with Alton Brown. With the right host it could be beloved by Midwestern scrap-book moms and hipsters alike.

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