St. Louis Centre Redevelopment


The St. Louis Centre is a 20 year old shopping center in the heart of downtown St. Louis. However, despite being a stone’s throw away from the St. Louis Convention Center, a short walk from the new Busch Stadium, having a Metrolink stop right outside, and sky-passes to all the neighboring office buildings, it is over a 50% vacant and contributes to a decaying downtown. To say it needs help would be an understatement, and as much as I’d love to see a comprehensive plan developed by Diller and Scofidio or Rem Koolhaas, pragmatically placing some much needed businesses and services would go a long way. Currently the plan is to turn it into more condos and offices. However, the St. Louis Centre should become a response to the needs of new downtown loft residents.

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Build an IKEA in St. Louis


The midwest is already an incredibly underserved region for IKEA with only five stores (two outside of Chicago, two in Texas, and one in Minnesota). St. Louis is the perfect location for a new IKEA, to see why keep reading.

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