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Dell (finally) makes an All-in-One


Looks like Dell is jumping on the all-in-one bandwagon with the XPS One.  The new system, just leaked by the FCC, features a 22" display, an optional TV tuner and it looks like a wireless keyboard, wireless mouse and remote are included standard.  Also, it looks there's a little trackpad right on the keyboard which is just perfect when is very handy when you're short on space or using the keyboard from your lap.

[FCC via Gizmodo via PC Joint]

The Case for Fewer Dell Cases


After reading Gizmodo's great entry on "Product Spam" the first thing that came to mind was Dell's dizzying choice of desktop computers.  Dell currently offers about 24 desktop PCs, with 15 different enclosures, across 2 customer segments and 6 product lines.  This is a little wired considering that people are increasingly choosing notebooks to desktops.  Also Dell has yet to jump on the all-in-one bandwagon, despite the fact that Apple, Sony, HP and now Gateway all have compelling all-in-one products.  However, the good news is that, believe it or not, since mostly ditching the Dimensions line things have actually improved.  But I think Dell can still do better.

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New Zune announced, still no web browser


Microsoft has announced the updated version of the Zune.  It's sleeker than before, and can sync with your computer wirelessly via WiFi.  However, it still lacks the feature most commonly associated with Wi-Fi: web browsing.  Microsoft should create a web browser for the Zune that rivals Safari on the iPhone and iPod touch, especially given than many people are underwhelmed with the iPod touch's capacity.  The lack of a touchscreen might be an issue for the Zune, but the new Zune Pad (or "squircle") could work like a trackpad for navigating web sites.

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Design at HP gets an Upgrade

Great article in Fast Company about HP's first-ever VP of Design, Sam Lucente.  Lucente is consolidating and simplifying all of HPs design efforts around a consistent design "attitude."  He's also working to ensure HP no longer duplicates it's design (and production) efforts.  He's proposed a single logo that can be used on any product as well as a single navigation control to replace the dozens (or hundreds) currently in use.

Streamlining HP [Fastcompany]