No iTunes Subscription Model for Music, but What about Videos?

Recently Steve Jobs has again denied the possibility of a subscription model for music on iTunes, but conspicuously made no mention about a subscription model for videos.  "People want to own their music," he said.  What he means by this is that while many music subscriptions offer unlimited downloads, the catch is that when you end your subscription all the music you downloaded becomes unplayable.  So essentially, customers of these plans are just renting music.  While the concept of renting music may be unpopular, renting videos is something that everyone does.  And Jobs made no mention about the possibility of a subscription-based model for iTunes videos that would essentially allow people to rent videos.  A subscription plan for iTunes videos could be widely popular; even with the same people who would never want to rent music.  I've written about the need for an iTunes subscription plan for videos here and here, and now that the iTV is out I still maintain that a subscription plan for videos is inevitable.

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Creative Tech Projects TV Show


Throughout art school I constantly saw students, armed will little more than an iBook, desktop printer and a can of spray adhesive, churn out incredible projects. There should really be a TV show that demonstrates creative projects that home users can do using a computer and other common gadgets. It would be a kind of techy version of Martha Stewart Living, or Good Eats with Alton Brown. With the right host it could be beloved by Midwestern scrap-book moms and hipsters alike.

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