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May 20, 2006

Certified U.S. Oil

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People have finally figured out that our dependence on foreign oil is not such a good thing (go fig…). While this won't make everyone go out and buy a hybrid, or make such a difficult lifestyle change as driving the speed limit, there is something people could do to reduce consumption of foreign oil: buy American. The US does have oil wells, so why not market and sell domestic oil to Americans? They should have label at the gas pump that certifies the fuel as American Oil. We already have labels for things like organic food, fair trade coffee, Angus Beef why not gasoline? This would even help reduce emissions because the oil would have to travel less from the well to the consumer.


I thought America does not have enough oil to support its 'addiction', thus the need to secure foreign oil.

I know this is a couple of weeks old but I just came across it.

I think the point is that conscientious Americans may be willing to pay a little extra for oil that's sourced locally. Plus I wouldn't be surprised if oil from "non-American" sources is bought at a bulk rate that
undercuts American oil producers.

If they were really smart, they'd then take that extra money and put it towards new ways for "fuelling America".
That aspect, too, would be marketable: "20c from every gallon of American gasoline you pump goes towards wind farm/fuel cell/solar power research".

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