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January 23, 2007

They Did It: Adafruit Industries Laser Etching

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I remember reading about it right when it was announced but forgot I had previously blogged about this exact idea. In April of 2006 pictures of laser etched gadgets from Nike's labs started appearing on the web, and I wrote about someone should start a company to laser etch gadgets. Then in December of 2006, word broke that Phil Torrone, an editor of Make magazine, and Limor Fried were starting a small company in New York to laser etch gadgets. No clue when they started working on this project. Best of all, they're publishing business plans to start your own gadget laser etching company. Hmm...maybe I should take my own advice and get the plans to start one up in good old St. Louis...

Adafruit Industries Laser Etching
Laser etching coming to a laptop near you - CNet.com


In Los Angeles, we can etch your device any time. check out iStyleCustom.com

Hey Greg,

My husband and I ARE starting one right here in St. Louis!

The etcher is on order right now and due to arrive in just a few weeks. We'll be located upstairs from CheapTRX on South Grand. We'll be etching gadgets, but also SO many other things.

Don't ask me the name of our business yet. We haven't settled on one. But once we have more info, I'll post it! :)

- Lara K.

Hey again, Greg,

Just thought I'd send an update and say that Emblazer Laser Etching Studio is now up and running! We are located above the tattooing and piercing part of CheapTrx at 3207 South Grand in St. Louis. Feel free to check out the website, emblazer.net. We've already done laptops, iPods, iPhones, glassware, metal flasks, etc. and we have pictures posted in the gallery.

- Lara K.

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