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April 23, 2007

Cable Labels


I was going to write a clever little entry explaining this idea, but I think the image pretty much does a better job.  They should totally label the connector end of the cable so you A) don't unplug the wrong cable and B) know what that the cable is for, years after the gadget is long gone.  Also, for devices that use generic cables like AV equipment, or printers the manufacturer should include adhesive labels with the product name that the user can stick to cable.  Lastly, some one (or some company) could print up adhesive labels with the names of common devices (iPod, keyboard, mouse, TV, VCR, DVD) that the user can just stick on the cable or plug.  However, while most people would probably find it useful, they probably wouldn't be willing to pay for the labels.

One company is already making labels for power cables, but they look to big to wrap around a cable.  But based on the user comments, most people would probably rather just make their own then buy them.  However, if the cables already came labeled that would save neatniks like me from making labels.


Labels would be awesome. Right now I'm looking at a jumble of cables next to my computer and I don't know what's what.

Hooray! Great idea. Or how about very uniquely-patterned and colored cables? You know, something pretty.

crutchfield sent me a big book of labels when i bought my TV a few months ago. some preprinted and some blank. used'm recently when i rewired my sound system.


thanks for the info, it turns out you can buy just the big book of labels from Crutchfield for $9.99.


The labels are intended for AV equipment and not computer equipment, but they include a bunch of blank labels too.

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