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May 15, 2007

iTunes should Play DVDs

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Title pretty much says it all. I don't understand why iTunes doesn't play DVDs. I loath having to launch another program just to watch a DVD, I should be able to do it from iTunes. I'm not saying Apple should ditch the standalone DVD player app in OS X, but iTunes should be able to handle DVDs as easily as it does CDs.


Completely agree. I'm a windows user, and the default player (media player 11) is so buggy and difficult that I have to use the VLC player. I wonder what the reason is?

Please Apple, make iTunes play DVDs, and make it play them well?
Windows Media Player is rubbish! And sure, VLC Player is nice.... BUT! It always starts playing my DVD's in some other language AND adds subtitles!!
So.. iTunes would be nice..

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