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June 19, 2007

Digital Music and the Environment

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Cnet News has a great article on the environmental benefits of transitioning music from CDs to digital files, something I wrote about here.  So far, it seems things are getting worse before getting better.  From the article:

there's no noticeable decline in the number of physical CDs found in landfills. While music fans are buying fewer CDs at record stores, they are buying more blank recordable CDs to burn their own discs from music acquired digitally.

Also it seems as though a fair number of MP3 players are ending up in landfills as well, where they can release some pretty nasty chemicals.  As much as I sometimes feel toolish for babying my iPod, this sort of makes it seem worth it.  I still think the transition to digital music will benefit the environment in the long run, even though it may take longer than expected. 

Digital music no environmental cure


is apple still accepting iPods and recycling them?

Yup. Free iPod recycling at any Apple store. Also, if you drop off an old iPod you get a 10% discount off the price of a new iPod.

More info here:

hmmmmm... wonder if i can get 10% off an iPhone?

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