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October 13, 2007

New Zune announced, still no web browser

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Microsoft has announced the updated version of the Zune.  It's sleeker than before, and can sync with your computer wirelessly via WiFi.  However, it still lacks the feature most commonly associated with Wi-Fi: web browsing.  Microsoft should create a web browser for the Zune that rivals Safari on the iPhone and iPod touch, especially given than many people are underwhelmed with the iPod touch's capacity.  The lack of a touchscreen might be an issue for the Zune, but the new Zune Pad (or "squircle") could work like a trackpad for navigating web sites.

When asked about Apple iPod, Chris Stephenson, the GM of Global Marketing of the Zune, said:

"We're not the hardware company they are," he said, laughing. "But then again, they're not the software company that we are."
--Wired Magazine

If that's really the case, Microsoft should have no problem creating a mobile browser on par with Safari...


Microsoft, take a poll to see how many Zune users would like a browser for their Zune. It's simple. You've got their emails. Send out a mass email with a simple poll, team up with T-Mobile to utilize their hotspots and then your iPod killer will actually kill.

The only two things I have found wrong with zune is that it should have a web browser and bluetooth A2DP support for my bluetooth headphones.

yea i really wish there was a web browser for it. but for now, i'll have to stick with my psp's browser (which isn't bad at all, but you know, i don't wanna carry both around all the time just to ensure my internet on-the-go needs).
oh, and also, if a browser IS released, it's gotta have youtube support. my psp doesn't support youtube, and its got the very latest firmware. meanwhile, the ipod touch, iphone, etc. have youtube built right in, causing many people to buy them (not me, though). i'm not sayin microsoft should add youtube to its main menu or anythin (if a browser is ever released, that is), but if a browser is released for it someday (and i really hope that day is soon), then it's GOT to support youtube to compete.

I don't understand why this is so hard microsoft; you're not new to this game, you know how to make a freaking browser.

Add a web browser to the next firmware update and stop being retarded.

it would be good if it had a browser...if it did i'd get one

but at the moment there cheap arent they

so if it had would it be more expensive?

yah I agree zune should add internet, because I just got the new 80gb zune just before christmas and I`m tired of it already. But at least they`re trying to fix their game problem.

Zune 3.0 released...

Now you can use your Zune's WiFi in McDonald's for free! The catch? You can only access the Zune Marketplace...

Why don't we have a damn web browser yet? WTF Microsoft, it really pisses me off how much you suck.

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