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December 04, 2007

Dell XT and the Rumored Apple Tablet

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Rumours are circulating that Apple will announce an ultra-portable notebook at January's MacWorld. There are also rumors that Apple is working on a (multi-touch) tablet computer.  I can't help but think the ultra-portable and the tablet are actually the same product, just like the "true video iPod" and the "Apple cell phone" turned out to be the iPhone.  Also, Dell will soon release the Latitude XT tablet with a multi-touch display.  I won't be at all surprised if the specs of the Apple's ultra-portable/tablet and the Dell XT are almost identical.


I'm going to have to bet against you on this one. Although I was rather surprised at the Dell XT announcement, I think the apple will just be an ultraportable without any tablet or touchscreen capabilities. Both from a cost and a software standpoint I just don't see touchscreens going mainstream yet and I think apple will be positioning this thing to take as big a chunk of the market as it can.

If apple designs an ultraportable like they usually do and not like dell then it will be slicker and slimmer than the XT, but will probably come standard with led backlighting and a flash drive. Considering the XT starts at $2500 without either of those options, I would say adding the touchscreen would be prohibitively expensive on the apple.

We shall, however, see.

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