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February 19, 2008

Study confirms Mac users like Starbucks, cosmetic dentistry

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This new study about Mac users pretty much confirms what most of us already knew from watching Best in Show:

Still this new study by Mindset Media hits a little too close to home.  Here some of the trends among Mac users:

  • More likely to use laptops. Check (my last 3 computer have all been notebooks).
  • Buy organic food. Check
  • Pay to download music. Check.
  • Have bought 5 new pairs of sneakers in the last year.  I'm at 3 and counting...
  • Drive a station wagon.  Check.
  • Drive a hybrid.  Maybe one day...
  • Use teeth whitening products.  Nope
  • Liberal. Check
  • Frequent Starbucks.  Nope, their tea selection is lame, but (much to my embarrassment) I do get their Chai Tea Latte from time to time.

Man, am I really that much of a cliche?  My next computer might have to be a Dell Latitude E just to shake things up.


And, Germans love David Hasselhoff.

i love this. and i really don't mind nailing down so many of the "stereotypes" of this whole situation. over the past couple of weeks, it seems like everyone's posting about this video, and the study...i find it all entertaining, and simultaneously quite silly. either you are some (or all) of these things, or not.

but, just for fun... http://stuffmacgeekslike.wordpress.com

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