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March 03, 2008

iPod Delete Workaround

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In the past I've written that I thought the iPod should have a "Trash Can" or "On-the-go Delete" feature.  But through the magic of music synchronization and Smart Playlist you can pretty much create this functionality yourself. 

Check out my new instructable "Automatically remove unwanted songs from your iPod."  You actually use your iPod to mark which songs should be removed, so you can do it on-the-go.  And don't worry this won't delete songs from iTunes, just from your iPod.

Special thanks to Andy Budd for turning me on to Smart Playlists, and this very clever commenter for giving me the idea.


You should do what I do. I listen to my iPod until I hear a song that I don't like. Then I throw it away and buy another iPod. Easy!

Ahhh....I am a long time mac person; but I just got a nano for Valentines Day. You tip is invaluable. Thanks. I love my ipod; but still learning its great potiential. GREAT TIP! Nice blog too.

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