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November 05, 2006

Three Days of the Condor: A remake waiting to happen

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Usually Hollywood's insistence on remaking perfectly good films just because they're a few decades old or not in English makes me want to wretch. But if a remake is what it takes for more people to see Three Days of the Condor, then they should totally remake it. In addition to being an excellent thriller, it's eerily relevant to current events. So, rent it, buy it, whatever. Just watch it, you won't be disappointed. The Wikipedia article has a great synopsis, but be warned, it's full of spoilers.


And what would the remake be called: The Condor?

Oooo...I was thinking that it would still just be named "Three Days of the Condor." But, yeah a new name would be cool.

The book it was based on is actually called "6 days of the Condor." So we can only imagine what happens in the other three days.

Yes Yes Yes! A remake would be a great idea. A fantastic film could reopen a Redford classic. Condor would be a good title.

Who would play Turner?

Excellent idea! This is one of my (if not the) favourite movies of all time! And the plot is still relevant. So, remake please! Redford could be given a small part, that would be great.

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