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February 02, 2007

YouTube for Audio

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I've seen a couple major blogs use YouTube just to stream audio, which really begs the question why can't you just upload an audio file to YouTube? Read on for what such a web app could be like.

In the examples I saw of YouTube videos essentially being used just for audio, the authors created a video with just static images and the audio.  That way there was something in that big YouTube video block, than just a black space.  Of course, it would really be ideal if you could just upload an audio file alone to YouTube and have it converted into a Flash file with player controls just like a YouTube video.  And it would really be fantastic if those uploaded sound clips could be organized into a playlist and PodCast.  Such a web app would really make PodCasting much more accessible to a ton of people who don't know the first thing about RSS feeds and all the other stuff you need to create a proper PodCast.

Feature Quicklist

  1. A user creates an account and then is able to upload audio files to the server.
  2. The audio file is converted to Flash format with playback controls, just like a YouTube video.
  3. The audio file in flash format can then be embedded in a page, again just like a YouTube video.
  4. The audio can be added to a playlist which also generates an RSS feed.
  5. The user should then be able to submit the RSS feed to iTunes and other PodCast directories.

Anyways, if something like this already exists please leave a comment, I'd love to check it out.


Houndbite.com is the closest thing I've found.

I guess they want you to pay for webspace. After all that's what preventing the number of Podcasts not to totally get out control. Imagine a world where everyone can upload a podcast on iTunes. Dear lord!


-Is all the things you are looking for. Lets users upload audio files and streams them as well as embed them in their pages.

Thanks, John for vudyo.com! I wonder why this great service wasn't coming up in any google searches for this kind of service, but thanks to GetGreg this website showed up and then your comment did .... and my quest is finally over - I am IN!

Thanks for the link to Vudyo. It comes up in Google at #3 if you search "Audio Sharing clips". This blog came up #5 searching "youtube for audio".

I am the owner of Vudyo. I would be happy to take any and all comments and critiques on what you believe should be added to site.

IMEEM, http://www.imeem.com/ seems to be gaining popularity & has plenty of content I'm interested in.

Hi Fatima

your embed doesn't work and looks a bit shocking really. something sleek would be better, also it would be good to be able to change the colour of it to match your site!

the site www.entertonement.com is focusing on audio so it effectively will become the 'youtube of audio'.

Check out http://www.SoundLantern.com/ it's just like youtube but it's for audio, really cool :)

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