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April 13, 2007

Got Ideas? Here's where to send them


Dell may have made a big slash with IdeaStorm, but there are actually lots of places to submit product ideas.  So armchair inventors, get submitting:

Dell Ideas - Dell Idea Storm
Firefox Ideas - Firefox/Feature Brainstorming Wiki
Apple Ideas - Apple Feedback Forms
Video Game Ideas - MyGameIdea.com
Everything Else - Halfbakery.com

Know of any more? Leave a comment.


hi all,

here a new one: http://idealist.blinkr.net/

are you thinking in a new product?
something cool and useful that you can't find in the market?
do you have a design concept or an idea of an object?

post it at IdeaList, a platform for designers and creators to publish and share their creativity, get feedback from the community and increase the popularity of their ideas.


*if yo don't have any idea (yet),
come and get inspired :)

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