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April 13, 2007

Kiva.org, Microfinancing Made Easy


Microfinancing is the little idea that's making a big impact to help reduce poverty.  And Kiva.org makes it easy for anyone to get involved.  Founded and run by in impressive list of Silicon Valley celebrities, Kiva.org allows anyone to make a loan to an entrepreneur in the developing world.  The businesses, like the loans, are small, but the impact is tremendous.  Browsing the site you'll find everything from a grocery store owner in Cambodia, to a baker in the Dominican Republic.  All the business are verified by field agents from microfinancing institutes, and currently 100% of loans have been paid back.  The loan can be transferred via PayPal, which has waived their typical transaction fee so that 100% of the loan goes to the entrepreneur.  I could go on about how inspiring this is, but if you have 15 minutes, I'd strongly recommend just watching this video clip from PBS's Frontline.


Thanks Rob!


this site is awesome greg! but i'm kind of broke atm. is there a similar website where you actually earn interest off of that? (^o^)

Actually there is!


It's total person-to person loans. So you can borrow at really low interest rates and lend as well.

E posted about this at almost the same time!

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