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April 08, 2007

Mute Web Pages

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I listen to music on my computer approximately 100% of the time, so few things annoy me more than web pages with background music (worse still are those banner ads that talk, wow are those annoying).  Usually the "sound off" button is hard to find and seems to appear only well after the music starts.  I think it's time for web browsers to treat sound the same way they treat pop-ups.  By default background sound should be muted (just as pop-ups are blocked), but users are notified that sound is muted and have the option to un-mute once or always for that site.  This seems totally feasible, though it may be difficult given that most background music is played from within a Flash based website.  I'm sure there's some ambitious young plug-in developer who's up to the challenge, and if not perhaps Firefox developers will create such a feature one day.  I've already added this idea to Firefox Feature Brainstorming wiki, so my fingers are crossed.


I know! Oh man, especially on tv-links website, "you have won a free ipod!" banner/ad incessantly pops up!

well, I am trying to find a way to adjust the volume mixer to silence web pages without muting everything else at the same time. I have vista, and I can adjust the colume for windows sounds, webpages, and yahoo voice separately- I love that featuer. I can turn down the volume (or mute it) for webpages so that when I bwose it dont blow my speakers or wake the kids whil I am chating to someone on yahoo voice. I can still talk on voice with the webpage muted (in vista) but I am trying to see if that is an option for XP as well because my friends dont all have vista and when we are chatting they want to be able to turn off the webpages without turning down the yahoo where they cant hear me.

So far, the only option I see for xp users is to turn everything down- but that makes it so they cant hear me on messenger voice either. Could it actually be that Vista DOES have something over XP afterall?

So far, I havent found anything (besides this that is GOOD) that vista has which xp dont!

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