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June 17, 2007

Zune for Windows Mobile


The iPhone is set for release on June 29th, and it will probably enjoy a huge amount of press attention.  If Microsoft is working on a version of the Zune player software for Windows Mobile, they should try to release it on the same day or the day before.  If done well, Zune for Windows Mobile would give anyone with a Windows Mobile smart phone or PDA a great media player experience.  And if available as a free download, it would be a great way for Microsoft to ingratiate itself with Windows Mobile smart phone users, especially those who might consider buying a iPhone.  By releasing the download with the iPhone launch, Microsoft could potentially piggyback on the iPhone's press and enjoy a great deal of coverage.  Stories on the iPhone could easily mention: "Apple iPhone is on sale today for $499.  But if you already have a phone that runs Windows Mobile, Microsoft has a free download of its Zune music player for you."


Got Zune on the brain huh? It is an addictive little device.

Microsoft has been pondering this very thing for several years now - porting the Portable Media Center interface to Windows Mobile. I, along with many others, have been urging them to do so, but I've never seen any forward motion on it. It's sad because you're right, a Windows Mobile phone with the big, friendly UI of the PMC/Zune software would make a great media player. Microsoft tends to be reactionary though, not pro-active.

Jason Dunn

@Jason Dunn

I found a fairly recent quote from Steve Balmer implying that Zune for Windows Mobile may be coming.

I'm glad to know it's at least on MS's radar. To me the really sad thing that Microsoft may be missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

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