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August 16, 2007

Attach Pages Documents in Gmail

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Every time I try to e-mail a document created in Apple's Pages using Gmail, it gets stuck in this this endless "Loading" loop.  It seems that Gmail can't send Pages documents, and perhaps even other documents created in iWork.  And I thought Google and Apple were all buddy-buddy lately.  Anyways, they should really do something about this.  So far the only work-around I've found is to change the extension before e-mailing it, and then restoring the extension when you download the file.


This is because iWork programs don't save documents as files. They are actually folders, the same way that a .app is a folder that Finder treats like a single file. You can control-click a file and then go to "Show Contents" to see what I mean. The best work-around I've seen so far is to compress the file before sending. I am not sure why Pages/Numbers/Keynote does not simply make their default file format a encapsulated in a zip file to begin with.

another pretty good option for keynote is to:
chose powerpoint or other file type

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