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November 05, 2007

The Palm Centro Comes Home

Categories Consumer Tech 

My girlfriend recently became the proud owner of an adorable red Palm Centro.  Needless to say, I'm pretty jealous.  The phone is super cute, amazingly responsive and user friendly.  I think it's the best consumer smart phone out there after the iPhone, and it's for Sprint!  Read on for a more observations and details...

  • Unlimited wireless web access only costs an extra $15/month.  But that price doesn't include using your phone as a modem with your laptop...
  • The size is awesome.  But the rounded edges can make the Centro a bit hard to handle ("like a bar of soap").
  • It doesn't have a daily alarm clock!  More on this later, but basically you have to add a daily recurring event to the calendar, which can be a little cumbersome, or install a third-party alarm clock application.  Or as my girlfriend pointed out "I could use my old phone as an alarm clock..."
  • Navigating is really fast and easy with the directional pad, the stylus or your finger.  However, because the screen is slightly recessed, reaching controls in the corners of the screen with your finger is a little tricky.  I'd really like to see future versions of the Centro have a scratch-proof screen that's flush with the surface.  Also, it only came with one stylus, which strikes me as "lame" and "cheap" on Palm's part.
  • Texting on the Centro is awesome.  It shows the whole conversation, much like an IM client.
  • Google Maps works great, and we can't wait to try out the real-time traffic display.  YouTube works well too.


Actually it does have a daily alarm clock. Go to the main menu and go to World Clock, it's in the top right corner!


Check out my other entry on the Centro.

Also, it really isn't a daily alarm clock as you have to manually turn it on before each time you want to use it.

The calendar acts as an alarm. Go to the date and time you want on the calendar and touch it. A little alarm symbol will appear to the right. Click it, and set the options on the screen that comes up.

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