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November 07, 2007

The Palm Centro Should Include a Daily Alarm Clock


My girlfriend's new Palm Centro smartphone doesn't include one of the basic features we've come to expect on a cell phone: a daily alarm clock.  I don't know how Palm missed this; by comparison the iPhone has a great alarm clock.  The Centro's "World Clock" application has an alarm, but it will only go off once; you have to manually turn it on before each time you want to use it.  To add insult to injury, Palm knew that this would cause confusion, so they included this handy tip:

Like a typical alarm clock, the World Clock application only allows you to set an alarm clock within the next twenty-four hours.

Ok, seriously, what "typical alarm clock" does that?  And why should that behavior be replicated in an alarm clock software application?  Instead of actually resolving this problem, they tried to just explain it away.  Sure you can create a daily recurring event on your calendar, but that can get pretty cumbersome.  And while there are alarm clock applications out there, having to use a third-party app for something as basic as an alarm clock almost discredits the product.  I thought technology companies had finally figured out that what makes a product great is how well basic features are executed, and how functional the device is right out of the box.


So, So true. I just tried setting my alarm for the first time..and I decided to google it to find out how..

This is very strange and inconvienent

Thanks for the comment Bekka.

You might try this little free application called "WeekUp" it allows you to set a different alarm time for each day of the week. We haven't tried it yet ourselves, but it looks pretty good.

So so true !! the fact that it doesnt have an alarm is ridiculous !.. no complaints otherwise .. the phones a charm !

You set the alarm in the CALENDAR part of the phone. you can set times and even set repeating like monday - friday alarm or just monday etc..

I'm another one. Got it yesterday, spent 20 minutes looking for the alarm before quitting and now I'm seeing this because I'm searching for how to set the alarm. Annoying! Plus the only game it comes with is sudoku & i'm not a fan :(

It comes with sudoku, but what is the point in even having that on there since it tells you right away whether you have a right answer or not via a red number or a black one? where is the fun in guessing the number seven and it turns red right away? no point in playing this version of it.

its under world clock
look in the upper right hand corner

I just purchased one of these Palm for my wife within an hour she is looking for the alarm, couldn't find one. google the next day, it doesn't have one. Know I was told to go take it back. Its useless. She will not use it. She feels that this is just stupid. nice phone but we won't keep it. Even if they don't give us our money back we will pass it on. This phone is a poor PDA device for the person who uses a PDA. I just can't get over such a major mistake. and the calender set up is right behind it.

I just got my palm and I really enjoy it... I agree that the alarm clock issue is really DUMB but whatever, I guess I'll have to use the calander which will make my calender look really full... But I have the Sprint version of the Centro and you can also download Astraware Solitaire free from Palm which is pretty cool... And also on the SuDoKu issue... You have to change the setting under tools - options - assitance - allow mistakes... That'll fix ur problems... I thought that that was kinda weird at first too but hey... There are ways to get around it...

I just got my Palm Centro today, and like most of you I spend half an hour looking for the alarm clock and then I google to find out that it does not even have one! This disturbs me, because I have used my phone for an alarm clock for 7 years now and I'm not a fan of having to set it up everynight and it only ringing once. I like to press snooze a few times like most human-beings. But this is the only thing that displeases me about the phone. I can not stop playing with it. The internet is speedy and the IMing is pretty suficiant. The keyboard is a bit small as well. But the phone is really a nice piece of work. Over all.

One possible solution to the alarm issue (which I am using) is to use Google Calendar as your "alarm" app, and set it up to text daily reminders to your Centro. If you set this up on a separate calendar in GC, it doesn't clutter up your main calendar.

Follow up to my previous post: I figured out how to achieve a weekday-only repeating alarm using just the Centro's Calendar applet. The process is described here:


Ummm....maybe I'm really old or something, but my alarm clocks have *always* required resetting right after I turn them off..... I read this in expectation of getting my new Palm Centro in a day or two and I do appreciate reading this info beforehand. Thanks! Sherry

I just got a palm centro myself... I turned off my alarm clock and as I layed in bed I tried finding the alarm for the phone, and sat up for about 20 minutes looking for it.. Got out of bed and googled it and came to find out that the phone doesn't have an alarm. It's a very odd thing, this phone has many features icluding i believe over 15 color schemes, a calendar that goes to year 2020, and tones of ringtones, yet it can't have a simple alarm clock?

Thanks for the easy work around JK - worked perfectly. I especially appreciate the tip on how to keep it from cluttering your calendar. I also discovered on the 'sounds' menu how to select the sound I wanted to use for the alarm. For traditional cel phone users this model does require a little more study, but I find it much for flexible and worth the extra effort.

I love the alarm. Easy to use. And you just have to remember to set it every night. I don't have a schedule to be up at the same time every day, so this is perfect for me. I think this is really a petty thing to complain about. Research your products before you buy. I love it.


The Palm Centro does have an alarm clock! You just need to know how to use it properly. You can set an alarm in World Clock, but you also have to 1)Go to Prefs- Sounds and Alerts; 2)Click on Applications- Calendar, and change Repeat to 5 times or whatever you want.. 3) Go to World Clock- Options, and then Alarm Preferences and change the sound to whatever you want and adjust volume.. 4) Set alarm.. Somehow when the alarm rings, it does repeat, (since repeat was set in Prefs) and it also allows you to push "SNOOZE", and it does ring repeating again to allow you to wake up when you need to!!

HOpe this was helpful...

Believe it or not I found out how to set the M-F alarm.
In the calendar event go to Details. Then go to Repeat, pick other at the bottom of the list. Pick Week at the top, then pick each day in the boxes that you want the alarm to go off on. A little cumbersome but I think it works.

Having to set it everyday is a slight annoyance, but the options on the alarm sounds are terrible! I wake up wanting to throw the thing against the wall.

the alarm is under the world clock feature idiots . :P

@Ivan and Brandon

Did you guys even read my entry? I described how to access the alarm feature in the World Clock application. But that's not a DAILY alarm clock, it's a single use alarm clock. A daily alarm clock, goes off DAILY, at the same time each day, without having to be manually reset.

The Centro lacks this simple feature, unlike every other phone (or drug store digital watch) I've ever come across.

That said, JK's workaround is very good. But I still think the Centro shouldn't require a clever workaround for something as simple as a daily alarm clock.

it doesn't seme like anyone is reading each other's posts...

there are TWO alarms on the centro. both are admittedly hard to find. but one is for an alarm you set daily - the other is under calendar and you can set it to go off every day for 20 years if you want to. if you fiddle with it, you can even tell it which days to go off each week.

granted - less user friendly than alot of phones. but it DOES have an alarm...

I give up...

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