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January 11, 2008

New MacBook Pro Design at Macworld '08?

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For the last two MacWorlds I've been hoping Apple would unveil a new design for it's Pro notebooks. So far it hasn't happened, but this should finally be the year for the MacBook Pro line to be totally refreshed from the inside out: Intel's new mobile processor family, Penryn, is set to be released this month; also there are rumors of a new addition to the MacBook Pro line in the form of a ultra-portable notebook or a multi-touch tablet; and lastly, the appearance of Apple's Pro notebooks pretty much hasn't changed since 2003.  Read on for what I'm hoping for in new MacBook Pros.

  1. Higher-Resolution 15" Displays
    The resolution used on current 15" MBPs can easily be found on non-Mac 14" notebooks, some of which even which weigh less.   I'm hoping for a 15" notebook with an optional WSXGA+ (1650 x 1050) display.  Also, Leopard may allow user interface elements to be scaled so that buttons and menus don't get too small (much like this clever commenter suggested).
  2. Lighter Weight
    The new Intel processors are supposed to enable smaller form factors and better battery life, that could mean new systems will be slightly slimmer and lighter than current MBPs.
  3. SSD or Hybrid HD
    Solid State Disks (SSD) and Hybrid Hard Drives are fairly common from other vendors, I'd expect Apple to offer these as upgrades.
  4. Multi-touch gestures
    While I'd love to see a big multi-touch screen on a Mac portable in the near future, I have a hunch Apple will enable the trackpad to recognize more multi-touch gestures on this generation of portables.  I'd love to be able to pinch-zoom in any application.
  5. Colors
    This rumor has been around for ages, but I won't be surprised if MBPs will finally be available in anodized black aluminum.  I'm skeptical about other colors.
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