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March 06, 2008

Windows Vista Volume Mixer - Nice...


Wow. Windows Vista's volume mixer allows you to control the volume of individual applications (including Windows Sounds).  This could be a great solution for finally silencing websites that play music and other annoying sounds.  I really haven't been keeping up with Vista, but this is one feature that really makes me want it.  There's an application for Windows XP called IndieVolume ($24.95), I'm not sure if there's anything like this for OS X.


Greg, Seriously? "makes you want" Vista..... come on now... I'd deal with annoying web sounds using a Mac all day long, rather than even boot up a Vista machine.... You should be ashamed of yourself. ;)

LOL. Yeah I guess had that coming.

I should have clarified by saying "makes me want to virtualize it on my future MacBook Pro using VMWare (or something)."

As I read this post it stirred up some distant memories. After searching-- sorry to say I did use google this time-- I found this


But it's only for PowerPC Macs. Apparently for Intel Macs you can use Audio HiJack Pro to hijack the audio from various apps and perhaps mute them.

Wonder why there can't be a Universal Binary version of Detour?

Seriously, I would love something like this—how hard could it be?

Someone save the day!

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