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May 28, 2007

1 Year/100th Entry Best of Posting

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Back in March TheyShouldDoThat.com turned 1 year old. And just a few weeks ago I posted my 100th entry on the blog. So, to celebrate these meaningless milestones, I've prepared a little "Best of" posting of some of my favorite entries. I've had a blast writing the blog, and am looking forward to keeping it up. Enjoy.

iPod Hi-Fi with AirTunes

This was my very first entry on the blog (or any blog), and it's one I still think about.  Just about a week ago, as a friend was setting up his new Tivoli iYiYi iPod dock, he sighed and said to me "Why don't they make a speaker system with AirTunes built-in?"  Well, hopefully they will.  If not a standalone AirTunes device might be just as good.

Compact Photo Printers with Scanners

Shortly after writing this entry I though for sure one would hit the street, but alas, nothing yet.  So for those of you who are eager to digitize all your old family photos, there's still no convenient device to help you do it.

Subscription Model for iTunes Video Store

I first wrote about how iTunes needed a subscription model for Videos shortly after Apple announced they would be selling videos.  And then I wrote about it a few more times here and here.  I think a video subscription or video rental model for iTunes is inevitable.  I just hope it happens sooner rather than later.

Jeff Han's Multiple Touch Point Display, the stuff dreams are made of

This entry marked a huge turning point when I expanded the scope of the blog to cover the emergence and progress of new ideas.  It also, marked the beginning of what will likely be the next epoch in human-computer interaction.

Apple Multi-Touch and Han’s Multi-Touch

Writing this post was a pleasure because I was able to explain a bit about how Jeff Han's multi-touch display works, and compare it Apple's multi-touch implementation.

Word Prediction in Microsoft Word

The title pretty much says it all.  I still can't believe that my the cellphone my girlfriend got for free has word prediction and Microsoft Word doesn't, it's absurd.

Google Briefcase: Access to your Google Apps when you're not online

Google apps are great, but not when you can't get on the web.  The solution is a desktop app that gets your recent documents and e-mails and saves them to your PC.

Wall-Mountable Wireless Printer

I'm so proud to have been able to write about this amazing printer concept design.  And am so appreciative of the reaction it's recieved.  It's a great design concept and my hits on the entry prove it.  Hopefully we'll see something like this hit the streets one day soon.


Congratulations!! Looking forward to another year of great posts.

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